Meet François Hoertel

Unlike most teens of his time, he didn’t want to play video games. He wanted to create them.

François Hoertel

Chief Programmer

Some The language of the world is made of programming lines of code. Master this language and you can change the world.

At 13 years old he already had an obsession with video games. But unlike most teens of his time, he didn’t want to play them. He wanted to create them. When he entered to study programming in Strasbourg, his hometown, Francois never imagined that his destiny would lead him to collaborate in the construction and programming of something absolutely new. The most advanced volumetric screen in the world. He met Danilo Grande in the city of Stockholm in November 2016. He was just 21 years old. He joined the LedPulse team in April of the following year with the aim of improving programming for creating images for the screen and managing content in real time. Their contributions have allowed Dragon O from its prototype status to be the most advanced, efficient and versatile volumetric screen today.

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