the BODY of the dragon

Embracing Architectural Spaces

Taking the art of rigging beyond

DragonO² has grown as an adult, its body has undergone an exponential evolution in its physical components that make it ready to withstand and meet the highest standards for durability, strength and stability.

Our Patented Technology

The Neuronal LED

The DragonO Neuronal System is a unique patented revolutionary technology where information travels through an electrical current encrypted in binary code. Each micro processor interprets this information and translates it into RGB light pulses. Each Neuron interprets the information independently. The conjunction of all neurons conforms the tridimensional image.

  • Higher Framerate

  • Faster microprocessor

  • Flawless color balance

  • self addressing

Play to feel

Play To Discover

Play to feel

A modular anatomy that can be assembled in nearly infinite ways

DragonO² consists of modules that are assembled together to create a wide variety of shapes and configurations

Packaging & Installation

An ultralight piece of art ready for hard work

Only 4% of the volume of our system is made of rigid material. The rest is made up of our ultra-light and ultra-flexible LED strings.


Adaptable metal rigging system

The rigging system is adapted for the most extreme conditions and security demands of Show Business and Architecture.

Behind the beauty and aesthetics of Dragon O is a solid, strong and safe structure.

Build installations that adapt to space and ideas

From temporary displays and live shows to permanent architectural installations, the modularity and precision of our system adapts to its environment.