Packaging & Installation

Time / Weight / Storage Optimization

Ultra-Light And Flexible Materials

Only 4% of the volume of our system is made of rigid material. The rest is made up of our ultra-light and ultra-flexible LED strings. The storage space is only 12% of the installed device volume. Its weight is only 74 kilograms for each 3.10 cubic meters of installation.


Each module comes in an individual box

2. Wrap system

Strings come attached in a wrap system that keeps them aligned and disentangled

3. Lifting

The modules should then be assembled, rigged, and lifted

4. Alignment

After assembling, strings are unwrapped and aligned. Make sure they are all attached to the acrylic board through the silicon shock absorbers


    A piece of art ready for hard work

    Behind the beauty and aesthetics of Dragon O is a solid, strong and safe structure.

    The rigging system is adapted for the most extreme conditions and security demands of Show Business and Architecture.

    DragonO rigging system

    Dragon top frame support

    • Composition

      Die casting aluminium

    • Power supply input output

      External power bi-directional power connector

    • Ethernet input output

      External bi-directional video connector

    • Module interconnection

      Metal solid lock

    • Rigging / fixation

      Standard LED metal cabinet accesories

    Locking points per module

    Module mounting type

    Standard LED power mounting

    Module mounting size

    50cm x 50cm x 12cm

    Average power consumption


    Peak power consumption




      Modular Frames

      Solid / Safe / Ease of Assembly

      Module size

      50cm x 50cm


      2.5cm Organic

      Number of Strings

      100 / Module

      Strings Standard length


      Strings maximum length


      Voxels in standard module

      6,000 Voxels

      We have adapted the engineering and design of the best modular 2D LED technology and created an assembly system familiar to A/V integrators that meets professional standards.

      Any installation technician with average training will understand the assembly immediately.

      DragonO modular frames
      DragonO string system


      Light and energy flows through the Dragon's veins

      The strings are the center of our technology and the essence of the Dragon. Simple tiny copper wires transformed into torrents of light and energy in coordination and control. The energy is transformed into volumes of light throughout the strings.

      DragonO string universal replacement automatic detection

      Universal Replacement Automatic Detection

      Smart auto-addressing strings

      If one of the strings fails, the rest of the strings keep working.

      The strings and voxels automatically identify their position when replaced. The replacement operation is performed in seconds and can be done even with the Dragon running and connected.


      Dragon's best friend

      The force of gravity is usually a challenge for large installations. In Dragon O, gravity plays in our favor.

      Gravity working on the Dragon's transparent polycarbonate floor and specially designed “Shock Absorber” system keeps the strings vertically and horizontally aligned and under tension - ensuring precise voxel placement.

      DragonO Acrylic Base
      DragonO magnetic acrylic board

      Be part of the evolution

      Add another dimension to your ideas and
      discover a realm of new possibilities