The Emergence of Science Fiction Through a Volumetric LED Display Format

A volumetric format with the potential to create entirely new interactive art and collective experiences.

Since the appearance of science fiction as a genre, the creation of three-dimensional images visible in the real world have been one of the greatest imaginary and scientific utopias.

This technological dream is now much closer, and it is brought to life by LedPulse Technologies in the form of a Volumetric LED Display called DragonO.

Defined as an Elevating Experience by industry insiders. The Dragon is a breed apart from conventional projection and LED screens, it treats viewers to an unprecedented sensory experience with uncanny spatial depth and surround views.

Made by LED strings arrayed in a 3D Organic Matrix, this points of light transmit dynamic three-dimensional visuals. This is possible thanks to an image transmission system developed by LedPulse, which is composed by video signal of two-dimensional layers encrypted in a single file that allows the transmission, control, modification and creation of volumetric three-dimensional content in real-time that can be visualized from different angles without having to wear any additional VR headsets.

As a new format for creation, DragonO not only represents a huge advance in technology, but it also opens the door towards the future of entertainment and collective content creation.

This new technology format has the potential to create entirely new interactive art and therefore experiences that enable a synchronization of the senses. The fact that it can be further enhanced with 'organs of perception' through the provision of sensory hardware, enables the display to become responsive to its audience and environment, multiplying the possibilities of creation and evolution with the use of emerging technologies such as AR, AI and Machine Learning.

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