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TITLE: [8] - Constructor

TITLE: [9] - Space Blobs

TITLE: [10] - Interdimensional Ramp

ARTIST: Stefan Kraus - MXZEHN

LOCATION: Berlin | Germany

DESCRIPTION: [8] - Constructor is a generative piece features three types of lines that explore the space. All of them are driven by a single 3 by 3 pixel noise. It explores the space inside the Dragon with silly walks.

DESCRIPTION: [9] - Space Blobs is a generative piece features a three dimensional noise field on its way through space.

DESCRIPTION: [10] - Interdimensional Ramps is a generative piece explores the impact of mathematical functions on a voxel array.

TWITCH CODE: 8, 9, 10

BIO: The video artist and designer Stefan Kraus lives and works in Berlin and Weimar, Germany. As Studio MXZEHN he creates media augmented scenography for live events with various partners.