Play to feel


Play to feel


TITLE: Keplerian

ARTIST: Juan Barrera - Videoso

LOCATION: Colombia

DESCRIPTION: The body you can find in the middle of nowhere represents the human that experiments a day in the life of a character of a music project EP. The name of the band is KEPLER, it is conformed by 3 no-human entities that use the music to express human feelings. Each one of the situations you can find changing  the command from K1 to K12 using the twitch chat, form a chain of situations .

TWITCH CODE: 11 - Interaction commands / K1 - K12 / RED - BLUE- GREEN - WHITE (in capital letters)

BIO: As part of his interest in digital arts, and first approach to TouchDesigner, he created the TouchDesigner Colombian community, kicking off with the first TouchDesigner study group in the city of Bogotá.