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Factory Hammerbrooklyn
The hanging volumetric gardens

A portal that represents the synergy between modularity, intelligence, and adaptability that DragonO has to offer.

Map of Hamburg, Germany. One of the Teleportals stations where a Dragon installation is located.

Living within a community of creators

Located in Hamburg's digital innovation district, Factory Hammerbrooklyn has become a symbol to the city by being a smart building and a living organism providing not only the infrastructure for innovation and inventiveness but also an ecosystem to inspire and empower a community of creators.

Integrated into this iconic building, a Dragon O triple installation reflects the creative freedom and spirit that characterizes Factory Berlin community.

Smart Building Data Portal

The constant flow of data opens the possibility of enhancing the Dragon senses by integrating learning systems that improve and make interactions between portals more sophisticated.

The building has detection systems (temperature, movement, etc.) that go to a central processing system. We are adapting an absorption channel for this data to transform the volumetric content in real-time, based on the information absorbed by the building in real-time.

Be part of the evolution

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