Step into the future of audiovisualvolumetric experiences


The Silos
A visit from another dimension

As the parallel universe of the metaverse expands exponentially, the links between the real and virtual worlds also intensifies. A more visible connection between the two worlds is necessary. The Silos is a portal that brings both worlds together.

Map of Shenzhen, Hong Kong. One of the Teleportals stations where a Dragon installation is located.

The city of the future

The city of Shenzhen has been transformed into the main center of technological production worldwide, in less than 30 years. Now Shenzhen is becoming a benchmark of cultural trends by having the power to merge art and technology like no other city in the world.

The new stage of Shenzhen will turn it into an engine of ideas. A trendsetter. A reference for the creative minds of the world.

Trespassing the walls of the metaverse

Teleportation of virtual beings through an Immersive Volumetric Reality. A setup, sharing and catalyzing energy through a common format in virtual and physical worlds.

The system is understood as an active whole that feeds itself. A graphic representation of the collective mind.

Multidimensional detection/Music - Sound activation/Body Tracking


Volumetric Video Idle Loop

The abstract form of this structure can be witnessed from far away.

A mix of energetic particles and glitched humans figures that spark the curiosity of the public to approach the sculpture closer to understand its form. Getting closer to the dedicated area surrounded of depth sensor cameras, they feel the energy in some way linked to their behaviours.

Immersive Experience

The interaction emerges into an alternative metaverse, a bridge between a virtual world and the real one.

Two Kinect Azure capture the scene in real-time. A goddess human face figure appears to welcome the visitors with an introductory speech, inviting them to interact with their body motion in interconnection with the machine. Letting flow the energy of each individual in the room.

A connection between human - machine interaction

A Growing Entity

We do not conceive the installation in SILOS as a finished fact.

From the moment the installation was completed, we have started a learning process, to readapt and transform the content of the installation, its interaction properties and finally the collective experience around it. Not only in the physical place but in the multiverse that connects us with it from different parts of the world turning it into a work of collective creation without geographical limits.

Shenzhen I see you installation is conceived as a growing entity.

An incubation of 9 months that will give rise to a new form entity. The perception and communication systems will become more sophisticated each month. The networks that conceive it will be more extensive and efficient. It will become an increasingly autonomous being with layers of interaction at much more efficient levels. The SILOS is a womb in which this happens.


During this stage, the installation's perception and communication systems were optimized by relocating the Kinect Azure cameras so that they simultaneously function as a monitoring system transmitting images of the site, the installation, and the visitors in real time.


The connection with other stations in the world will be established transforming and transmitting content from station to station in real time. New interactive functionalities will be integrated through the evolution of the Kinect Azure system as the main perception tool of the installation.


In this stage, the station will be opened as part of a collective creation experience with 24/7 access in which Silos will be the point of interaction for a global community. Connections and interactions will be established with the TouchDesigner, Unity and Unreal community.

Be part of the evolution

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