July 1, 2022

The Silos Shenzhen I See You

Shenzhen I see you installation is conceived as a growing entity. An incubation of 9 months that will give rise to a new form entity.

The Silos
Shenzhen - China
The Silos - Jiazhi Factory
Cinema 4D
A full immersion into physical metaverse worlds

Project DNA


July 1, 2022
July 1, 2023
Shenzhen - China
Event / VENUE
The Silos - Jiazhi Factory

The silos project creates an exciting fully immersive experience with high-tech video, audio, artificial intelligence, and XR technology, building a cutting-edge art complex in digital design.

The metaverse is an all-encompassing world that brings together many different aspects of the digital domains that exist in society and creates a fully integrated system where they all can co-exist.

All the different elements of The Silos come together in one unique experience. What makes this different is they're connected to each other,

each of these elements on their own are wonderful, but they're designed to work immersively together in a metaverse environment.

It is one congruent entity that communicates with each other, that's designed for each other, that artistically lives in that same world.

An alternative Metaverse. A bridge between virtual and physical worlds.

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The Body of The Dragon

Size / Voxels
24 Modules - 144,000 Voxels - 18m²

2 Dragon installations made up of 12 modules each facing each other inside the Silos. They are surrounding a piece of digital art made by Artist in Bloom Hu Shaun. This setup generates an immersive environment where the viewers are welcomed by a virtual avatar inviting them to interact with their body in interconnection with the machine.


The Mind Of the Dragon

Software Tools
Cinema 4D
Motion Tracking

The system is understood as an active whole that feeds itself. A graphic representation of the collective mind.

In order to showcase the full extent of interactivity, Kinect cameras have been placed in strategic positions in order to capture motion and trigger visual effects as soon as an individual stands within the range of capture.

This allows a higher level of interactivity within the environment

Multi-station emitters

"Twin" systems of perception in other stations of the world.

Parallel perception systems (Azure Kinect cameras) will be used in different stations around the world. These systems will be coordinated to receive and send pre-recorded or real-time volumetric information. The option of integrating complementary hardware such as Intel Real Sense will be studied.

Noitom body-tracking

Capturing the Essence of movement

The use of the NOITOM suit for professional wireless motion capture will be implemented. This will allow to capture, store and transmit performances of dancers and performers to the volumetric environment. These performances may be transmitted from any part of the world or may be performed in the SILOS area. The performances and their volumetric interpretation may be performed live in real-time or may be pre-recorded.

Neuronal coordination

Programming the creative ecosystem

The implementation of several standard perception systems at multiple points of the planet requires programming that allows making this connection more efficient. The tools will have common parameters and preset properties that will allow recognizing human activity in different parts of the world and facilitating its artistic interpretation in the volumetric environment.

Multidimensional detection / Music - Sound activation / Body Tracking


The Soul of The Dragon

A full immersion into physical metaverse worlds
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Long Duration

Teleportation of virtual beings through an Immersive Volumetric Reality. A setup, sharing, and catalyzing energy through a common format.

Digital Twin code

The performers' DATA

The concept of the Digital Twin is transposable to the artistic representation of the human body and its movement. Through the motion capture suit or similar tools, it is possible to establish a database of body movements, mix it with other elements and use it to generate volumetric experiences. The software needed to use this information can be adapted and automated to facilitate the creative process for both the performers and the graphic artists who interpret the movement both with pre-recorded material and in real-time.

Teleportals Show

The avatar-performer

It is all about capturing and recording the movements of performers, athletes, martial arts experts, and people with physical skills and training. These body movements are then translated into a volumetric space, interpreting them in different ways while respecting the movement in the three-dimensional space. For this type of content different characters and disciplines can be combined to create a database of human movement and its expression in a volumetric format.

Content : Dynamic / Reactive / Generative