Meet Ana Paula Hur

Building the voice of the Dragon, and shaping the future of immersive volumetric LED experiences

Meet Ana Paula Hur

Ana Paula is a Mexican concept developer and business strategist graduated from CENTRO University, and now based in Portugal. With a passion for exploring the intersection of human and virtual beings, during the last 4 years, she has dedicated herself to building the voice of the Dragon and LedPulse by shaping the future of 3D immersive experiences.

As a futurist and technologist, Ana has a deep passion for emerging technologies and their immense potential to enhance our lives and transform our world. She has a keen eye for identifying the latest trends and innovations, and has a unique ability to translate these advancements into immersive narratives.

She is leading the charge in shaping the future of human-virtual interaction in volumetric environments, inspiring others to embrace the future with excitement and curiosity.

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